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> Parties

From an extravagant New Year banquet to the riotous/unruly excitement of a Summer Ball, people have always found the height of celebration to be throwing a party. Holding a party is a great way of reuniting friends and loved ones and commemorating something special. Various types where we can help with are:

•  Theme Parties
•  Birthday Parties
•  Anniversary Parties
•  College Parties and many more are all catered for.


> Birthday Parties

Birthday Party Management' The Smallest But The Most Happening Arrow In Our Quiver. We have all the arrangements for Theme Birthday parties' right from the selection of Venue, Balloon Décor, Theme Décor, Kids Rides, Kids Entertainment, Bouncy, Magic Shows, Puppet Shows, Birthday Caps, Masks, Khoi Bag, Birthday Banners, Game Coordinators, Return Gifts, Birthday Cake, Kids Menu, Adult Menu and Dance Entertainment to Digital Studio etc.

Some recommended Kids Birthday Themes:
  • Disney World Theme
  • Jungle Book Theme
  • Cartoon World Theme
  • Princess Theme
  • Barbie Theme
  • Power Puff Girls Theme
  • Cinderella Theme
  • Bob The Builder Theme
  • Noddy Theme
  • Jungle Safari Theme
  • Spiderman Theme
  • One Is Fun Theme
  • Cow Boy Theme
  • Rock Star
  • Theme Kids
  • Disc Theme Krishna Theme
  • Adventure Camp Theme
  • Kids Carnival Theme
  • The Masks Theme
  • Bon Fire / Jam Session Theme
  • Hawaiian Theme
  • And Many More Themes........

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